Small Boat Seafood

Local seafood, local markets

Welcome to port. Here you will find the stable footing to begin your journey into purchasing local, seasonal seafood.

Small Boat Seafood isn't just a wholesaler; we are community seafood distributors. We offer our boats a fair price for their hard earned product and are committed to seeing this sustainable harvest thrive. We unload the catch from the boat and drive it directly to you. Our small scale boats allow us to have product traceability and fastidious quality control. The well being of the resource, the fishermen and our food communities are our highest priorities. By supporting the captains near you, you're investing in your local economy while receiving a fresher product.

An entertaining example of fraudulent seafood

This American Life has been a long time favorite of mine. This link will get you to a story about how dishonest seafood can be. Yet another example of why Small Boat Seafood is proud to provide 100% traceability for every product and maintain personal relationships with our captains. You won't find any bung on our menu.

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