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Welcome to port. Here you will find the stable footing to begin your journey into purchasing local, seasonal seafood.

Small Boat Seafood isn't just a wholesaler; we are community seafood distributors. We offer our boats a fair price for their hard earned product and are committed to seeing this sustainable harvest thrive. We unload the catch from the boat and drive it directly to you. Our small scale boats allow us to have product traceability and fastidious quality control. The well being of the resource, the fishermen and our food communities are our highest priorities. By supporting the captains near you, you're investing in your local economy while receiving a fresher product.

Meet the fleet.

You may know your farmer, but do you know your fishermen? This page introduces you to the brave stewards of the ocean who caught our seafood.

Porter McHenry fishing bait out of the S.F. Bay.

Porter McHenry fishing bait out of the S.F. Bay.

Porter McHenry, F.V. Two's Co

Porter McHenry has been fishing since early childhood. He began his career with his father, Michael McHenry. His father taught him how to fish for crab, salmon and squid. At 30, Porter now runs the Merva W. This vessel operates for squid and crab.  His boat is one of the smallest in this area and their nets tend to be shorter than the others in the fleet. This net length decreases their chances of touching bottom; protecting the squid eggs and other marine life.  Following in his father's footsteps, Porter puts the well being of the resource before his own economic gain.


Michael McHenry (left) and part of his crew.

Michael McHenry (left) and part of his crew.

Michael McHenry, F.V. Merva W


Michael McHenry is heavily invested in the long term success of the salmon and squid fishery. Michael barges juvenile tagged salmon down the rivers and releasing them at the Golden Gate bridge in hopes of a better return in the coming years. He and his wife, Kim McHenry, organized a fundraisers to ensure the success of this project for future years. His dedication to the health of our fisheries makes him an inspirational part of the Small Boat Seafood Fleet.  




"Pete the Greek", F.V. Sardella

Pete is a one of a kind gem. A life long fisherman from Greece, Pete has been a part of the Pillar Point community for the better part of 20 years now. He ventures off in his 17' aluminum boat to harvest small amounts of sardines, smelt, and anchovies. Pete uses a hand pulled purse seine net to capture his open access quota. This is an extremely physical fishing method and a wonderful artisanal tradition Small Boat Seafood is proud to support. Pete's fish are kept in beautiful condition due to his small scale craft. Unfortunately, he is a bit camera shy. His image will have to be painted by your imagination. 

Rick HAuschel, F.V. Pale Horse

Rick runs the F.V. Pale Horse out of Pillar Point harbor. Rick joined the Half Moon Bay fleet about 7 years ago. He harvests crab and spot prawns with his 50' fiberglass lobster boat. Rick refrigerates the seawater in the spot prawn live tanks to reduce stress and increase survival rates.  We will have some pictures up soon.


Frank Sausa, F.V. Two's Co

Frank bought the Two's Co, a 34' fiberglass vessel, in April 2013. Prior to this step he was the captain of the KD. He has been commercially fishing the past few years and seems to have a knack for it. He even occasionally takes his son on his salmon trips. Education of the next generation is a wonderful thing to watch.



Mike Dvorak, F.V. High Seas

Mike is hard to miss on the water. The High Seas is an older wood vessel that is in a permanent state of restoration. In spite of their rugged looks this pair provides us with some high class salmon. Always willing to help out with a benefit or an educational event, Mikey is a wonderful part of the Small Boat fleet. 

Sharky, F.V. Miss Larene

Sharky is a relatively new addition to the fleet. He provides us with salmon and albacore tuna. He hails from South Africa and gets his name from a great white shark attack while surfing. Still, he continues with his life on the water. The  population of commercial fishermen has taken a dive over the past five years. It's great to see newcomers to this noble and skilled profession.  

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